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The Hill at Furnace Brook

This page is devoted to current alerts you need to be made aware or reminded of and past alerts for your records.      

                Current Alerts:

07-Jul-24 Water Shutoff Tuesday July 9 from 12pm - 5pm


Past Alerts:

30-Mar-24 Semi-Annual Fire Alarm/Fire Pump Test April 2 at 10am
27-Mar-24 Water Shutoff Friday 3/29 from 9am-12pm
12-Mar-24 Parking Sticker and Towing Reminder
13-Feb-24 Snow Emergency Parking Ban on Quarry Street
07-Dec-23 Five Year Sprinkler Test 12/8/23 Friday 8am
02-Dec-23 Winter Reminders
11-Nov-23 Package Thefts 11/5 & 11/6
21-Oct-23 Increase in Master Insurance Policy Deductible to $25,000
07-Oct-23 Common Area Fire Alarm Inspection Friday 8am Oct 13
23-Sep-23 Painting Front Entrance Roofs 9/22 & 9/25
16-Sep-23 Hurricane Watch Reminders
12-Sep-23 Cigarettes and Car Repairs
08-Aug-23 Parking Lot Pavement (update)
22-Jul-23 Parking Lot Pavement August 4th to 8th
01-Jul-23 Elevator Issue
20-Jun-23 Carpet Cleaning Thursday June 22 @9am
01-Jun-23 Comcast Needs Access to column 203 up to 700 on Wednesday June 7
31-May-23 Front Canopy Work May 31
26-Apr-23 Annual Fire Alarm Test Tuesday May 9
01-Apr-23 Power Outage Tuesday 3/28 7:00am-8:14am
02-Mar-23 Water Shutoff Friday 3/3 from 3pm to 5pm
23-Feb-23 Fire from Cigarette Butts
22-Feb-23 Water Shutoff Friday 2/24 from 9am to 12pm
02-Feb-23 High Winds and Extreme Cold Fri/Sat
14-Jan-23 No Smoking in Common Areas
17-Dec-22 Annual Elevator Inspection Wednesday Dec 21 at 7am
19-Nov-22 Winter Letter 2022/2023
05-Nov-22 Water Shutoff Monday Nov 7 at 8:30am - 10:30am
01-Oct-22 Fire Alarm Semi-Annual Testing Common Areas Friday Oct 7
10-Sep-22 Water Shutoff Tuesday Sept 13 from 9am-11am
06-Aug-22 Water Shutoff Monday August 8 from 9am-5pm
23-Jul-22 City Sewer System Improvements
18-Jun-22 Carpet Cleaning June 23 at 8:30am
07-May-22 Phone Number Change for Great North
29-Mar-22 Fire Alarm Semi-Annual Testing Units April 8
19-Mar-22 Water Shutoff Monday March 21 from 10am-2pm
12-Mar-22 Water Shutoff Monday March 14 from 9am-12pm
24-Feb-22 Snow Emergency - Parking Ban - Quarry Street - 2/24/2022
11-Feb-22 Laundry Room Closed Monday Feb 14 - Floor Waxing
04-Feb-22 Laundry Room Update(2/3/2022)
28-Jan-22 Snow Emergency - Parking Ban - Quarry Street - 1/28/2022
28-Jan-22 Important Storm Information
27-Jan-22 Laundry Room Update #4 - Closed Feb 2 for New Card Machine
19-Jan-22 Laundry Room Update #3
15-Jan-22 Laundry Room Update #2
06-Jan-22 Snow Emergency - Parking Ban - Quarry Street
05-Jan-22 Laundry Room Update #1
23-Dec-21 Disposal of Christmas Trees
01-Dec-21 Annual Elevator Inspection Friday Dec 3 at 10am
20-Nov-21 Winter Letter Tips
08-Nov-21 Laundry room closed 11/10/21 Wednesday 8:30am - 12pm
30-Oct-21 Power Outage Restored 10/28/2021
26-Oct-21 Laundry room closed 10/27/21 Wednesday 8:30am - 12pm
19-Oct-21 Laundry room closed 10/20/21 Wednesday 7am-10am
13-Oct-21 Water Shutoff Wednesday October 13th (update)
25-Sep-21 Laundry Card Machine
07-Sep-21 Water Shutoff Thursday Sept 9 from 11:00am - 1:00pm
21-Aug-21 Hurricane Henri Notice
17-Aug-21 Water Shutoff Friday August 20 from 9:00am - 11:30am
19-Jul-21 Pool Update
12-Jun-21 Water Shutoff Wednesday June 12 from 2:00pm - 5:00pm
27-May-21 Important Grill Reminder
07-May-21 Laundry Room Reminders
06-May-21 Fire Pump Test Monday May 10 at 12pm (UPDATE)
06-Apr-21 Important Insurance Information
02-Apr-21 Important Information when Moving
01-Apr-21 COVID19 Protocol
24-Mar-21 Water Shutoff Wednesday March 24 from 10:30am - 1:30pm
22-Mar-21 Elevator Update (3/22/2021)
18-Mar-21 Elevator Door Operator
10-Mar-21 Fire Alarm Test Wednesday March 10 from 12pm-3pm
17-Feb-21 Water Shutoff Wednesday February 17 from 3:00pm - 5:00pm
09-Feb-21 Water Shutoff Thursday February 9 from 9:00am - 11:00am
04-Feb-21 Potential Water Shut Off Thursday Feb 4
26-Jan-21 Water Shutoff Friday Jan 29 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
23-Jan-21 Water Shutoff Monday Jan 25 from 9:00am - 5:00pm(Postponed)
23-Jan-21 Watching Your Children
06-Jan-21 Disposal of Christmas Trees
22-Dec-20 Water Shutoff Wednesday December 23 from 9:00am - 11:00am
22-Dec-20 Clogged Drains
12-Dec-20 Elevator Update (12/12/2020) FINAL Notice
11-Dec-20 Elevator Update (12/11/2020)
10-Dec-20 Elevator Update (12/10/2020)
09-Dec-20 Elevator Update (12/9/2020)
05-Dec-20 Elevator Update (12/5/2020)
21-Nov-20 Elevator Update (11/21/2020)
30-Oct-20 Important Winter Letter, Heat and Snow Removal Recommendations
24-Oct-20 Elevator Update (10/24/2020)
17-Oct-20 Water Shutoff Monday October 19 from 10:00am - 12:00pm
03-Oct-20 Water Shutoff Monday Oct 5 from 9:00am - 1:00pm
02-Oct-20 Elevator Update (10/2/2020)
17-Sep-20 Crane for Elevator - No parking - Friday Sept 18
05-Sep-20 Elevator Update (09/5/2020)
22-Aug-20 Elevator Update (08/22/2020)
15-Aug-20 Parking Lot Repairs - Cars Removed - Wednesday August 19 at 7:30am
11-Aug-20 Water Shutoff Friday August 14 from 10:00am - 12:00pm
25-Jul-20 Water Shutoff Tuesday July 28 from 9:00am - 11:00am
13-Jul-20 Elevator Update (07/13/2020)
06-Jul-20 Fitness Room Open
30-Jun-20 Water Pump Back Online
27-Jun-20 Power Outage Update - Most back online except Main Water Pump
27-Jun-20 Power Outage Update - Common Area on Partial Power
27-Jun-20 Power Outage 5:40pm Friday June 26
20-Jun-20 Important Recycling Information
06-Jun-20 Elevator Special Assessment Fee - June 15 Deadline
02-Jun-20 Elevator Update (06/02/2020)
29-May-20 Property Reminders
29-May-20 Parking Permit and Towing Reminder
02-May-20 Master Insurance Deductible Increase
25-Apr-20 Elevator Update (04/25/2020)
18-Apr-20 Must Wear Mask or Face Covering Nose and Mouth
02-Apr-20 Pool and Fitness Room Closed due to Pandemic
17-Mar-20 COVID19 Corona Virus
18-Feb-20 Water Shutoff Thursday February 20 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
17-Feb-20 Dumpster Update
14-Feb-20 Extreme Cold Weather - Thermostat
22-Jan-20 Elevator Update(01/22/2020)
18-Jan-20 Elevator Update
15-Jan-20 Water Shutoff Tuesday January 21 from 9:00am - 12:00pm
14-Jan-20 Dumpster Change
13-Jan-20 Elevator Out of Service
05-Jan-20 Disposal of Christmas Trees
02-Dec-19 Snow Removal Reminder
21-Nov-19 Fire Alarm Test Dec 6
16-Nov-19 Winter Reminders
21-Oct-19 Property Reminders
20-Oct-19 Elevator Inspection Oct 28 at 9am
26-Sep-19 Carpet Cleaning Monday Sept 30
04-Jul-19 Electrical Panel Replacement(completed)
29-Jun-19 Water Shutoff Monday July 1 from 9:30am - 11:30am
22-Jun-19 Roof Work Saturdays
16-Jun-19 Water Shutoff Monday June 17 from 9:00am - 12:00pm
13-Jun-19 Recycling Info
13-Jun-19 Trash / Recycling
31-May-19 Roof Work - Rock Removal - Monday June 3
14-May-19 Roof Replacement Project
07-May-19 Water Shutoff Wednesday May 7 from 8am - 11am
18-Apr-19 Water Shutoff Monday April 22 from 9:30am - 12:30pm
08-Apr-19 Water Shutoff Tuesday April 9 from 9:30am
01-Apr-19 Spring Cleanup 4/2 - Please move cars
21-Mar-19 Mail Theft
10-Mar-19 Water Shutoff Monday March 11 from 8am-12pm
19-Jan-19 Snow Removal Reminder
05-Jan-19 Christmas Tree Removal Reminder
27-Dec-18 Water Shutoff Friday Dec 28 from 9am-4pm
13-Nov-18 Water Shutoff Friday Nov 16 from 9am-12pm
06-Nov-18 Water Shutoff Friday Nov 9 from 8am-12pm
31-Oct-18 Water Shutoff Friday Nov 2 from 8am-12pm
24-Oct-18 Water Shutoff Friday Oct 26 from 8am-12pm
18-Oct-18 Elevator Inspection Tuesday 10/23
05-Sep-18 Recycling Update - NO plastic bags,food or garbage
04-Sep-18 Elevator Repairs Fri/Mon 9/7&9/10
12-Aug-18 LED Light Installation 8/13/2018
02-Aug-18 Fire Alarm Testing Thursday August 9
21-Jul-18 Important Notice - Behavior and Recycling
16-Jul-18 Water Shutoff Wednesday July 18 from 9am-12pm
23-Jun-18 Wood Fence Replacement
08-May-18 Elevator Repairs Wednesday May 9
01-May-18 Water Shutoff Saturday May 4 from 8am to 12pm
29-Apr-18 Mail Theft
28-Apr-18 Electrical Panel Replacement - Electricians
18-Apr-18 Rodent Problem
19-Mar-18 Tree Removal - Back Parking Lot Tuesday 7am
15-Mar-18 Annual Elevator Inspection 3/15/2018
11-Mar-18 Tree Removal - Back Parking Lot
27-Feb-18 Water Shutoff Saturday Mar 3 from 9am to 12pm
17-Feb-18 No Solicitors Allowed
14-Feb-18 Pool Closed Feb 15 for Maintenance
25-Jan-18 Fire Alarm Testing Tuesday Feb 6 at 12p-4pm
15-Jan-18 Water Shutoff Tuesday Jan 16 from 8am to 10am
13-Jan-18 Reminder Unit Inspection Jan 15
04-Jan-18 Frozen Pipe Prevention
04-Jan-18 Snow Removal Reminder
03-Jan-18 Annual Elevator Inspection 1/4/2018 (postponed)
01-Jan-18 Unit Inspection Jan 15
01-Jan-18 Christmas Tree Removal Reminder
28-Sep-17 Water Shutoff 9/29/17 Friday 9am-12pm
05-Sep-17 Water Shutoff 9/7/17 Thursday 10am-3pm
28-Aug-17 Water Shutoff 8/28/17 Monday 1pm-4pm
25-Jul-17 Fire Alarm Testing Aug 22
15-Jul-17 Water Shutoff 7/17/17 Monday 8am-12pm
30-May-17 Water Shutoff 5/31/17 Wednesday 9am-12pm
09-May-17 Balcony Grills Not Allowed
07-Feb-17 Fire Alarm Testing Feb 9
07-Jan-17 Snow Removal Reminder
02-Jan-17 Handicap Sign Added
12-Dec-16 Elevator Shut Down and Common Areas Thursday Dec 16
20-Nov-16 Water Shutoff 11/21/16 Monday 9am-11am
07-Nov-16 Carpet Cleaning Tuesday Nov 8
02-Nov-16 Water Shutoff 11/2/16 Wednesday 9am-9:15am
17-Sep-16 Pool Closed 9/20 & 9/21 for Carpet Install
03-Sep-16 Private Party Reserved Sept 17
15-Aug-16 Fire Alarm Testing Aug 23
13-Aug-16 Private Party Reserved August 20
11-Aug-16 Water Shutoff 8/15/16 Monday 11am-2pm
06-Jul-16 Roof Work and Parking
02-Jul-16 Roof Deck Closed for Repairs
30-Jun-16 Water Shutoff 7/1/16 Friday 9am-12pm
28-Jun-16 Water Shutoff 6/29/16 Wednesday 9am-12pm
22-Jun-16 Smoldering Mulch from Cigarette Butts
18-May-16 Water Shutoff 5/20/16 Friday 9:30am-12:30pm
14-May-16 Water Shutoff 5/16/16 Monday 9am-11am
09-May-16 Handicap Sign Added
07-May-16 Old Fitness Equipment Removal
21-Apr-16 Vehicle Move for Cement Stops
27-Jan-16 Fire Alarm Testing Jan 28
22-Jan-16 Snow Removal Reminder
05-Dec-15 Curb Car Stop Replacement Monday 12/7/15
30-Oct-15 Building Leak Notice
27-Oct-15 Water Shutoff 11/2/15 Monday
17-Oct-15 Vehicle Break-in
15-Oct-15 Elevator Inspection Friday Oct 16
08-Aug-15 Fire Alarm Testing Aug 27
19-Jul-15 Property Work
25-Mar-15 Towing Update - Permit Stickers
16-Mar-15 Towing Signs Installed
15-Feb-15 Snow Removal 10:00am Monday Feb 16
07-Feb-15 Fire Alarm Testing Feb 18
05-Feb-15 Snow Removal Friday Feb 6
29-Jan-15 Snow Removal by Dumpster
14-Jan-15 Parking Memo
22-Dec-14 Water Shutoff 12/22/14 Monday
21-Dec-14 Snow Cleared Parking Spaces
12-Nov-14 Paving Update and Water shutoff
28-Oct-14 Parking Lot Paving/Lining 11/12-13
20-Sep-14 Private Pool Party Sunday Sept 21 from 12pm to 4pm
18-Sep-14 COMCAST Wiring Friday 9/19/2014
26-Jul-14 Fire Alarm Panel Replacement
01-May-14 Laundry Room Upgrade
23-Apr-14 Water Shutoff 4/23/14 Wednesday 9am to 12pm
08-Apr-14 Spring Cleanup Landscaping
22-Mar-14 Water Shutoff 4/1/14 Tuesday
01-Mar-14 Water Shutoff for Monday March 3
05-Feb-14 Fire Alarm Testing Common Areas
05-Jan-14 Water Shutoff 1/8/14 Wednesday 11am to 3pm
05-Jan-14 Frozen Pipe Prevention
04-Jan-14 Dumpster Use - Large Items
21-Dec-13 Water Shutoff 12/21 Saturday 11am to 5pm
14-Dec-13 No Hot Water Issues
14-Dec-13 Snow Cleared Parking Spaces
04-Dec-13 Parking Permit Sticker Required
09-Nov-13 Annual Meeting Reminder
09-Nov-13 COMCAST Wiring Thursday 11/14
05-Nov-13 Water Shutoff 11/8 Friday 10am to Noon
05-Oct-13 Elevator Issues
19-Sep-13 Water Shutoff Friday Sept 20th @9:30am
16-Sep-13 Elevator Out of Service
25-Aug-13 Master Key Change Monday Aug 26
17-Aug-13 Handicap Parking 4th Sign Added
14-Aug-13 Elevator Update #2
13-Aug-13 Elevator Update #1
11-Aug-13 Elevator Out of Service
03-Aug-13 All Units Fire Alarm Test for August 16, 2013
01-Aug-13 Handicap Parking Sign Added
15-Jul-13 Hot Water Shutoff for Wednesday July 17
01-Jul-13 Pool Open
30-Jun-13 Dumpster Trash Removal Changed to Fridays
25-Jun-13 Pool Closed
07-Jun-13 Gas Conversion Installation
20-May-13 Fire Alarm Panel Inspection Tuesday 5/21
07-May-13 Main Pipe Leak Repaired
15-Apr-13 Sand on Sealant for Front Lobby Cement Floor
06-Apr-13 Elevator Inspection Tuesday April 9
21-Mar-13 Water Leak Unit 100 Inspection
02-Mar-13 Fire Alarm Testing for Tuesday March 5
11-Feb-13 Water Shutoff for Tuesday Feb. 12(10am to 2pm)
12-Jan-13 Parking Sticker Audit
09-Jan-13 Water Shutoff for Friday Jan 11 (9am to 11am)
30-Dec-12 Snow Clearing Spaces Monday 9am
29-Dec-12 Snow Cleared Parking Spaces
28-Dec-12 Parking Sticker Required
03-Nov-12 Annual Meeting Reminder
27-Oct-12 High Winds/Rain from Sandy Oct 29-20
22-Oct-12 Fire Alarm Heat Sensor Repairs for Nov. 1 @ 8:30am
16-Oct-12 Front Lobby Door Landing Repairs
08-Oct-12 Vehicle Vandalism
06-Oct-12 Pool Closed
02-Aug-12 Newsletter July 2012
02-Aug-12 Fire Alarm Testing Memo for August 28
09-Jul-12 Water Shutoff for Tuesday July 10 (9am to 12pm)
28-Apr-12 Exit Door Not Working - Update - Fixed 4/30/12
24-Apr-12 Loud Noise Reminder
11-Apr-12 Water Shutoff for Friday Apr. 13 (9am to 11am)
15-Mar-12 Elevator Testing Tuesday March 20
14-Mar-12 Water Shutoff for Thursday March 15(9am to 2pm)
04-Feb-12 Fire Alarm Testing Tuesday Feb 21
21-Jan-12 Snow Removal Policy for Parking Spaces
20-Sep-11 Water Shutoff for Friday Sept 23 (9am to 11am)
14-Sep-11 Parking Sticker Audit
26-Aug-11 Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene Preparedness
19-Aug-11 Front Walkway Restoration (update)
11-Aug-11 Fire Alarm Testing Monday August 15
09-Aug-11 Pool Open
01-Aug-11 Pool Closed
21-Jul-11 Pool Open
13-Jul-11 Water Shutoff for Friday July 15 (9am to 11am)
05-Jul-11 Pool Closed
21-May-11 Water Shutoff for Tuesday May 24 (11am to 1pm)
18-May-11 Water Shutoff for Thursday May 19 (12pm to 2pm)
23-Apr-11 Water Shutoff for Tuesday Apr. 26 (12pm to 4pm)
12-Apr-11 Private Pool Party for Sunday 5/1/11 from 3-6pm
01-Apr-11 Water Shutoff for Friday Apr. 1 (1pm to 3pm)
26-Mar-11 Private Pool Party Saturday and Sunday
07-Feb-11 Fire Alarm Testing Wed Feb 9
11-Jan-11 Water Shutoff for Friday Jan 14 @9:30am
10-Jan-11 Water Shutoff for Tuesday Jan 11 (9am to 12pm)
09-Jan-11 Snow Cleared Parking Spaces
04-Jan-11 Loud Noises
22-Dec-10 Water Shutoff for Friday Dec 23 @9:30am
08-Dec-10 Water Shutoff for Friday Dec 10 @9:30am
30-Nov-10 Water Shutoff for Wednesday Dec 1 (9am to 12pm)
28-Nov-10 Water Shutoff for Tuesday Nov 30 (12pm to 3pm)
21-Oct-10 Water Shutoff for Friday Oct 22 (2pm to 5pm)
17-Oct-10 Water Shutoff for Monday Oct 18 (10am to 12pm)
11-Oct-10 Parking Permit Sticker Required
04-Oct-10 Water Shutoff for Wednesday Oct 6 (10am to 1pm)
22-Sep-10 New Carpeting / Tile Install
02-Sep-10 Tropical Storm Watch - High Winds
30-Aug-10 Secure Doors/Safety
07-Aug-10 Balcony Grills Not Allowed
17-May-10 Water Shutoff
01-May-10 Boil Water Alert in Effect
03-Mar-10 No Hot Water
23-Jan-10 Vehicle Break-ins
21-Jan-10 Private Pool Party
25-Nov-09 Wet Floors from Carpet Cleaning
24-Nov-09 Carpet Cleaning
07-Nov-09 Annual Meeting Reminder
24-Oct-09 Parking Sticker Audit
15-Sep-09 Idling Cars
15-Sep-09 Smoking Prohibited in Common Areas of Building
29-Jul-09 COOKOUT !
08-Jun-09 Balcony Grilles
01-Jun-09 Water Shutoff
25-May-09 Water Shutoff
05-May-09 Storage Room Cleanup
05-May-09 Hallway Clutter
05-Feb-09 Private Pool Party
31-Dec-08 Snow Cleared Parking Spaces
30-Dec-08 Pool Open
27-Dec-08 Pool Update #2
24-Dec-08 Pool Update
25-Nov-08 Water Shutoff #2
23-Nov-08 Water Shutoff
11-Nov-08 Annual Meeting Reminder
04-Nov-08 Elevator Repairs Causing Shutdown
29-Sep-08 Parking Sticker Audit
06-Sep-08 Tropical Storm Wind Warning
16-Aug-08 Unit Smoke Detector Testing
02-Aug-08 COOKOUT !
20-Jul-08 Water Shutoff
28-Jun-08 Graffiti and Vandalism
03-May-08 Walking Your Pets
03-May-08 Contractor Trash Removal
06-Apr-08 Water Shutoff
19-Mar-08 Pool Closed for Repairs
15-Mar-08 Hardwood Flooring
24-Feb-08 No Swimming Alone
24-Feb-08 Snow Removal and Vehicles
02-Feb-08 Private Pool Party
02-Nov-07 High Winds for Saturday Nov. 3
02-Nov-07 Annual Meeting Reminder
14-Sep-07 Water Shutoff
17-Aug-07 Water Shutoff
08-Aug-07 Power Outage
17-Jul-07 Parking Lot Repairs Scheduled
10-Jul-07 COOKOUT !
01-Jul-07 Power Outage
18-Jun-07 No Hot Water
17-Jun-07 Water Shutoff (update)
11-Jun-07 Water Shutoff
22-May-07 No Hot Water
19-Apr-07 Power Outage
14-Apr-07 High Winds for late Sunday April 15
04-Apr-07 Pool Closed Fri. & Sat. for Repairs
02-Apr-07 Quarry Street Resurfacing
21-Mar-07 Parking Lot Drainage Repair Update
20-Mar-07 Parking Lot Drainage Repair
10-Mar-07 Car Hit Telephone Pole w/Fire Box
17-Feb-07 Fire Watch Discontinued
10-Feb-07 Storage Room Cleanup
09-Feb-07 Fire Watch
03-Feb-07 Fire Alarm Testing Wednesday February 7, 2007 12:00PM
02-Feb-07 Pool Closed for Filter Repairs
17-Jan-07 Fire Hazard With Heaters
23-Nov-06 Dumpster Pickup is Friday Because of Holiday
11-Nov-06 Annual Meeting Reminder
27-Oct-06 High Wind Warning
22-Oct-06 Balcony Cigarette Butts
07-Oct-06 New Front Welcome Sign
15-Sep-06 Water Leak(update #2)
02-Sep-06 Water Leak(update)
31-Aug-06 Water Leak
16-Aug-06 Water Shutoff
03-Aug-06 Fire Alarm Testing Friday August 4, 2006
22-Jul-06 COOKOUT Rescheduled to Saturday July 29
08-Jul-06 COOKOUT!
01-Jul-06 Area Fireworks
24-Jun-06 Smoke Alarms/Door Open
24-Jun-06 Letting in Unexpected Guests
06-May-06 Pool is Fine for Swimming
25-Mar-06 MBTA Adds Bus Service to Quarry Street
16-Mar-06 Lobby Door Phone Entry Down
11-Mar-06 Elevator Back in Service
11-Mar-06 Elevator Out of Service
18-Jan-06 New Front Door Phone Entry System
14-Jan-06 Front Door Phone Entry Update#3
09-Jan-06 Front Door Phone Entry Update#2
30-Dec-05 Front Door Update
29-Dec-05 Front Door Unit# Entry Access Out of Service
23-Dec-05 Pool Open
22-Dec-05 Pool Closed
20-Dec-05 Water Shutoff
09-Dec-05 Elevator Back in Service
08-Dec-05 Elevator Out of Service
06-Nov-05 Annual Meeting Reminder
01-Nov-05 Monthly Condo Bill Missing for November
24-Oct-05 High Wind Warning!
09-Oct-05 Fire Alarm on Sat. Evening
19-Sep-05 Water Shutoff for New Water Main(Tuesday 9/20)
18-Sep-05 Water Shutoff for Unit Repair(Wednesday 9/21)
01-Sep-05 Parking Sticker Required
27-Aug-05 Balcony Noise
26-Aug-05 Water Shutoff
14-Aug-05 Elevator Back in Service
14-Aug-05 Elevator Out of Service
13-Aug-05 Loud Work Noise Notice
08-Aug-05 Water Shutoff
02-Aug-05 Low Water Pressure(update)
30-Jul-05 Loss of Water Pressure Monday Evening
29-Jul-05 Water Shut Off
19-Jul-05 COOKOUT !
19-Jul-05 Power Outage
16-Jul-05 Water Shutoff
02-Jul-05 Rear Exit / Front Entrance
30-Jun-05 Water Shutoff
28-Jun-05 Fuel Storage License Application(update)
26-Jun-05 Fuel Storage License Application
19-Jun-05 Water Shutoff
17-Jun-05 Elevator Down for an Hour
14-Jun-05 Elevator Back in Service
13-Jun-05 Elevator(update)
10-Jun-05 Elevator Out of Service Until Monday
09-Jun-05 Elevator Out of Service
08-Jun-05 Gas Grilles
21-Apr-05 Exit Signs
02-Apr-05 Sand Removal
05-Feb-05 Building Roof Fan Vents (update #4)
04-Feb-05 Ice Patches - Very Slippery
01-Feb-05 Fire Alarm Test
19-Jan-05 Hot Water Update
19-Jan-05 No Hot Water
17-Jan-05 Frozen Pipe Prevention
17-Jan-05 No Hot Water
16-Jan-05 Snow Cleared Parking Spaces
15-Jan-05 Building Roof Fan Vents(update #3)
01-Jan-05 Elevator All Set
01-Jan-05 Elevator Out of Service
01-Jan-05 Storage Locker #604
23-Dec-04 Water Shutoff
18-Dec-04 Exercise Room Closed
14-Dec-04 Power Outage on Quarry Street Re-Scheduled
26-Nov-04 Pool Update #2
24-Nov-04 Pool Update
12-Nov-04 Power Outage on Quarry Street Scheduled
12-Nov-04 Keyless Entry(update #4)
08-Nov-04 Building Roof Fan Vents(update #2)
08-Nov-04 Pool Closing for Re-Painting
07-Nov-04 Annual Meeting Reminder
05-Nov-04 Keyless Entry(update #3)
01-Nov-04 Pavement Crack Filling
31-Oct-04 Keyless Entry(update #2)
11-Oct-04 Keyless Entry(update)
11-Oct-04 Building Vents(update)
25-Sep-04 Building Vent Noise
20-Sep-04 Keyless Entry(replacement of building master key)
29-Aug-04 Fire Alarm Test
22-Aug-04 Power Outage Saturday 10PM-12AM
15-Aug-04 Electricity Shut-off Reminder
14-Aug-04 High Wind Gusts/Heavy Rain Possible
11-Aug-04 Oil Boiler Work(update#2)
29-Jul-04 Oil Boiler Work(update#1)
22-Jul-04 Hot Water Shut Off (on Thursday July 29)
17-Jul-04 Water Main Construction
14-Jul-04 Oil Boiler Work
02-Jul-04 Storage Room Light Repaired
19-Jun-04 Storage Room Light Out
08-Jun-04 No Hot Water
30-May-04 Adult Supervision(Roof Deck, Pool, Exercise Room)
20-May-04 Parking Stickers
14-May-04 Rock Throwing
12-May-04 Visitor Bicycle Storage
08-May-04 Bathroom Exterior Vent Replacement(update)
05-May-04 Bathroom Exterior Vent Replacement
03-May-04 No Hot Water
02-May-04 No Hot Water
01-May-04 Door Repair
20-Apr-04 Electricity Shut off

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